It’s Always About Me

Betsy Bitner is a recovering attorney who lives with her husband and children in the suburbs in upstate New York where she holds the coveted title of Procrastinator-in-Chief. She considers housework to be a four-letter word. Okay, a four-letter word with five extra letters added in because being neat and precise is not really her thing. Neither is math.

Confessions photoshopII
Actual unretouched photo of Betsy Bitner

Betsy was delighted to discover she’s actually a comic book character, only to be disappointed to learn she’s not in one of those superhero comic books where her superpower is cleaning her whole house with a single click of her T.V. remote. That’s because she’s lazy like a fox provided foxes are, in fact, lazy. She’d look it up to make sure but, well, you know…

When Betsy’s not putting off doing household chores, she’s waiting until the last minute to write her award-winning humor column for the Times Union (Albany, N.Y.). You used to be able to read it online for free, but now you have to subscribe to the paper in order to access her column. Betsy would like to be able to give everyone who reads this blog a gift subscription to the Times Union. She would also like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Neither one is likely to happen.

She is a proud member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and Humor Writers of America as well as a lifetime member of the Better Homes and Gardens Blacklist.

Betsy wrote several crime fiction short stories when she discovered it’s more satisfying to kill people on paper than in her head. It also results in a lot less jail time than actually killing them for real. You can find out more here.

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