The Write Stuff

In addition to writing for the Times Union, my writing has appeared in Life@Home and HealthyLife magazines (the latter as poster child for what not to do). I’ve also been able to lure some unsuspecting editors into accepting my short stories for their anthologies. Feel free to buy a copy or two so I’ll not only be popular, but wealthy, too.

Confession-Fame & Fortune world domination



From Amazing Grace: “I have been planning my husband’s funeral for twelve years. No, he doesn’t have a slow-acting terminal illness. And he’s not some bigwig requiring a send-off befitting his stature in the community. It’s just that, like the Scouts say, you have to be prepared. Everyone has to go sooner or later and, with any luck, my husband’s time will come sooner. Call me an optimist.”






From Routine Changes: “Now that she sat waiting for the presentation to begin, Julie doubted even Donna’s well-stocked bar had enough wine to get her through the evening. Especially since she’d gotten a good look at the petite woman who would be pitching the true You products. Julie had seen her car parked in Donna’s driveway on the way in. At least she assumed it was the salesperson’s car. Donna had said she was new in town and the little red convertible with North Carolina plates screamed “clueless” about upstate New York winters.” ORDER HERE




From Campaign Seasoning: “For some, the focus of Thanksgiving is a meal with family and friends. Others prefer to spend the day in front of the TV watching football. For the Miller clan, the fourth Thursday in November is conveniently positioned between Election Day and Inauguration Day, giving us the perfect opportunity to come together and give thanks for political strategists, PACs and the democratic process.”